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We are highlighting in more detail the types of fraud happening in Surrey. We want you to be aware of the scams, how the fraudsters work but we also want you to tell others. Talk to someone who isn’t on social media or doesn’t have access to the internet or email and make sure they know the dangers. Here’s a report from your area:


A elderly man from Guildford sent money to someone who called to say he'd won a foreign lottery. Sadly this isn't the first time that this man has been a victim of a phone fraudster.


Remember, you can't win a lottery that you didn't enter - and you should never send money to anyone who you only know over the phone. Next time you get a cold caller on the phone, Hang Up On Fraud.

Please Read this message from Alick James of the Surrey Police


Protect your homes and property with this advice here 


Follow #HangUpOnFraud on Twitter and Facebook for more information from us. For further prevention advice, visit this site

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